Veep TV Series

Julie Louis-Dreyfus on Veep Veep is HBO’s critically acclaimed political comedy, created by Armando Iannucci. Iannucci is also responsible for The Thick of It, another comedy series, and he directed and wrote In The Loop. Veep first premiered on HBO with 8 episodes on April 22nd, 2012. The second season had 10 episodes and it debuted on April 14th, 2013. HBO renewed the series for a third season on May 1st, 2013, and the season started on April 6th, 2014. A fourth season was ordered on April 21st, 2014, and it premiered on on April 12th, 2015. A fifth season was ordered on April 13th, 2015, and it will air next year.

Veep has been nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, and it has won the Writers Guild of America Award for Television: Comedy Series and the TCA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has won three Primetime Emmy Awards, a Screen Actors Guild Award, Television Critics Association Award, and two Critics’ Choice Television Awards.


Veep on HBOThe primary cast of Veep includes Julia Louis-Dreyfus as President (former Vice President) Selina Meyer, Tony Hale as Gary Wash, the personal aid to the Vice President, Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer, the Vice President’s Chief of Staff, Reid Scott as Dan Egen, Deputy Director of Communications, Sufe Bradshaw as Sue Wilson, the Vice President’s personal assistant, Sam Richardson as Richard T. Splett an annoying campaign aid, Timothy Simons as Jonah Ryan, White House liaison to the Vice President’s office, Gary Cole as Kent Davison, the President’s Senior Strategist, Matt Walsh as Mike McLintock, the Vice President’s Director of Communications, Kevin Dunn as Ben Cafferty, the White House Chief of Staff, and Sufe Bradshaw as Sue Wilson, the Vice President’s personal assistant.

Veep TV HBOVeep circles around Selina Meyer, a feisty fictional politician. Starting with season one Selina is the new Vice President. The series follows her on her various blunders and shenanigans in addition to her comedic staff who wait on her hand and foot. Selina is a smiling and sophisticated face in front of the camera but a foul-mouthed and often brutal power-hungry human behind the scenes. As the stakes rise throughout the seasons the mishaps made by Selina and her staff also increase in humor and severity. Selina is constantly angling for more power and a better political position and standing, a few times very nearly making it into the President’s office but always missing it by a stone’s throw. At last, at the close of the third season “Veep”, Selina, steps down from Veep and up to President. Now that Selina has what she has wanted for so long will it be everything she dreamed? Along with the most powerful office she also inherits a host of problems and potential catastrophes and wars. The last season, season 4, features President Selina and a slightly more competition cast of characters, but everyone still manages to make a huge mess somehow.

Audience Response

Watch Veep on HBOSo far it seems like the response to Veep is climbing in enthusiasm and positive reactions. While the first season faired rather well, each passing season seems to do slightly better. The first season of Veep got an approval rating of 72% on Metacritic and a rating of 71% on Rotten Tomatoes. Many viewers call it a hilarious, well-acted, and well-done satire. They say it is fun, engaging, and in general a good- see. The next season climbs the rank a little higher with a 75% approval rating on Metacritic and an 88% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. New reviews say that, as would agree with ratings, Veep is getting better. Viewers and fans call it mean-spirited, compelling, and of course funny. The third season jumped up to an approval rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and 86% on Metacritic.


Veep TV SeriesAs the series goes on new viewers are attracted to it and old fans fall harder for the dark charms of Veep. Many reviews call it a “gut-buster” with renewed vigor and dedication. The last season which aired was given a rating of 90% on Metacritic and once again 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though it is pretty plain that the response is increasingly good over Veep, there are, as always, those who go against the crowd by saying they liked the earlier seasons better than the latest ones—saying the series has become less clever and humorous. Viewers be warned, however, Veep is definitely crude and it has received some criticism for its dark and extreme language which has been called a comedic crutch by some. It is also raw and often times a little cold, deceptive, and heartless, but almost anyone can agree that it is befitting for a satire about politicians. When you subscribe to AT&T U-verse at, you can stream episodes of this great television series.